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Земснаряд фрезерный снаряд VEE16/12

Цена: $650 000,00
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Земснаряд фрезерный снаряд VEE16/12

Length overall (ladder raised), approx. 26.0m
Length over pontoons 16,00m
Breadth 6.00m
Depth 2.00m
Side pontoons 15.00 x 1.50 x 1.40m
Mean draught with full bunkers 0.90m
Maximum dredging depth 15.0m
Suction pipe diameter 500mm 20-inch
Discharge pipe diameter 450mm 18-inch
Total installed power 522kW

Dredge pump
Type 16/12HG-II-(7)-850R-230-РЕТ
Mixture capacity 3000 m3/h
Head 50 m
Coefficient of efficiency 85%
Engine type Diesel Engine Caterpillar C-18 TA
Continuous engine power 522kW (800hp) @ 1800

Type Crown Type,
5-bladed cutter, Cutter Teeth Amount: 40pcs
Power at shaft 110kW
Diameter 1,500mm
Speed: 0-30rpm

Ladder and swing winches
Line pull, first layer 57kN
Maximum line speed 25m/min
Wire diameter 16mm
Drum diameter 390mm
Swing wires length 100m
Anchor weight 150kg

Spuds (2x)
Ø 400 mm, length 18.00 m
Spud hoisting cylinders
Force 100kN
Spud stroke (each time), approx. 3.5m

also included:
• anchor booms and anchor 2x150kg
• production measurement Nonius SlurryMeter
• positioning system GARMIN echoMAP CHIRP 72dv
• air conditioning Waeco Coolair RT880 24V
• GSM Security System Alarm
•Video Record Realtime Monitor Rear View Camera 4CH GPS 4G 1080P
• nautical inventory
• airconditioning unlt 24 Volts
• Fuel oil/water separator (for Diesel engine)
• рогtablе Ьilge pump set
• Safety equipment

Other features
• standard design, allowing for short delivery times
• standard spare parts Caterpillar
• efficient fuel consumption
• dredge pump driven through integrated bearing block,clutch and reduction gearbox
• white iron-wear parts for the dredge pump
• cutter drive accepts temporary overload, resulting in high maximum cutter power
• reliable hydraulic system
• completely assembled and fully tested afloat before delivery
• dismountable and transportable by road, rail or sea
• ready for operation on arrival at site

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