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The company “Dredgers Ukraine” offers a full range of professional services and suction dredger of its own production. Turning to the services of the company “Ukraine Dredgers”, you get access to one of the most extensive material and technical bases in the country. And thanks to our own production, our technique never idle at the facility – emergency repairs and maintenance is carried out by professional staff and does not require sending the suction dredger and their components manufacturer for further manipulation.

Due to the wide fleet of dredgers own production and the use of advanced high-tech equipment, today we are ready to offer exceptional quality in the performance of the following works:

  • Alluvium sand – sand for hydraulic alluviation deepening riverbeds and reservoirs, production net of building material, the development of flooded areas for construction and performance of different types of work.
  • Dredging – soil sample from the bottom of bodies of water for the deepening of river beds, increasing the capacity of reservoirs and other purposes.
  • Sapropel – a valuable useful substance, lies at the bottom of ponds and is particularly valuable in modern agriculture.
  • Extraction of sand – mining of river sand from the bottom of reservoirs. This material is currently the most popular in construction and other areas experiencing the need for raw materials with exceptional physical properties.
  • Purification of water bodies from silt – silt and other sediments often impede exploitation of water resources for a variety of purposes. The use of dredges allows inhale quickly and effectively in fisheries a new life, or to provide a net basis for the arrangement of recreational water areas.
  • Alluvium beaches, islands, quays – the fastest and economically sound method of organization of decorative and recreational areas near the water. Dredgers when performing such operations can be called without alternative views of the art.
  • Construction of water reservoirs – design and construction of artificial lakes for a variety of targets, the adjustment of river beds, increasing the area of reservoirs, dredging, changing coastline geometry and more.

In carrying out all kinds of hydraulic works, our specialists are guided by long-term experience in the market and carefully observe the requirements of all applicable rules and regulations. This allows us to guarantee high speed of execution of orders, work with flexible pricing, focus on customer needs and find solutions for even the most complex tasks.

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