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Sapropel – a unique natural substance, which is familiar to every Ukrainian farmer. The highest performance of the material in terms of its use as a fertilizer can not be overemphasized. Sapropel – a centuries-old bottom deposits of rivers and lakes, which are composed of humus remains of vegetation and fauna. That is why the material is so rich in phosphorus, sodium, potassium and other salts, microorganisms and substances. Needless to say what is in demand today, such a service, as the extraction of sapropel.

The company “Dredgers Ukraine” offers its customers and partners in all cities Production Services sapropel from the bottom of the ponds through the use of a different class of dredgers. Rich experience, efficient team of highly skilled professionals, high quality standards and advanced equipment – all this allows us to fulfill orders of any complexity, regardless of concomitant conditions.

Sapropel dredgers with various equipment

For today sapropel extraction performed in several ways. From under the water, this valuable substance is extracted by the following methods:

  • hydromechanical;
  • hydraulic;
  • excavator and bucket;
  • screw and pneumatic screw;
  • suction and suction-scraper;
  • point-to-vacuum.

It would be better to say that the dredgers are equipped with quite a wide range of equipment for the extraction of sapropel. Therefore, every customer will find a convenient and economically sound solution to the specific goals and objectives. Budget embodiment could be called grab excavator or methods, to obtain a large amount of raw materials in industrial scale and allow hydraulic fluid mechanics methods. Let us consider them in more detail.

Sapropel hydraulic and hydro-mechanical method

Hydraulic extraction method is a powerful water jet blur soil deposits with the simultaneous suction rising from the bottom of the reservoir suspensions (slurries) and further convey of ashore via floating conduit. This method is characterized by high performance, however, may require quite serious costs. In general, such sapropel mining method considered detrimental to the ecology of water bodies, so it is usually applied to production of small amounts of raw materials.

As for hydro-mechanical method of sapropel production, in this case we are talking about loosening seabed material with a mechanical cutter. Raised bottom sapropel deposits are mixed with water and sucked to the surface by powerful pumps. Today, it is this method is the most common in the whole territory of Ukraine. Of its advantages can be identified low damage to the environment and performance. Produced by this method sapropel is suitable for use not only as an agricultural fertilizer, but also as a useful feed additives in livestock.

Sapropel grab method

This method of extraction involves recovering material from the bottom of the reservoir by means of a special gripper which is mounted on a floating platform. The method is characterized by relatively low productivity and production speed, so about its feasibility can only speak from the perspective of small agricultural enterprises. The advantages can be identified no need for resettlement of large areas for storage and processing of raw materials.

Sapropel excavation method

Excavating method of its production is similar to the mechanics of a grab for only one difference, in this case, floating excavators are used. Most often, this method is used for the extraction of sapropel in drained ponds. Its use is restricted by technology, and therefore gradually replaced by other, more efficient technologies. However, the extraction of sapropel in small quantities excavating method is fully justified.

Sapropel screw method

Screw method involves the extraction of a substance from the bottom with a special screw-type pumping equipment, some modifications which can also be supplied in the soil air extracted for its liquefaction process and simplifying recesses. Sapropel extraction auger way from the technological point of view and the material may be called the most effective solution. First of all, this method does not require expensive equipment, has a high efficiency, it allows to produce sapropel at its natural moisture level and, therefore, eliminates the need for arrangement of settling tanks and activities for raw materials dehydration.

Other methods of sapropel production is not characterized by high efficiency and performance of their application scope is extremely limited, and therefore, in practice, they are extremely rare.

It should also be noted that in recent years the major European manufacturers of high-performance and gave the market an extremely reliable self-priming pumps, small size, suitable for pumping relatively viscous materials. This breakthrough technology has made possible high efficiency in the application of this production method. Prospects and the economic feasibility of the use of such equipment can be considered a record, it is for this reason that in the foreseeable future it will be the most popular on the market.

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