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Sand, as you know, is an indispensable material for construction, production of reinforced concrete structures, brick, glass, as well as in other spheres of activity. Sand produced today is significantly different both in appearance and in the way of production, the presence of impurities in its composition, size and shape of the faction and other indicators. But the most high quality and in demand in the construction sector is considered to be natural sand.

Natural raw materials of different classes are mined in open pits or reservoirs, and if pit sand has several disadvantages, the uniform rounded fraction of reclaimed raw materials in reservoirs have virtually no competitors in the market. And if you take into account the fact that in the absence of the parties inwashed sand impurities and pollution, he and all, becomes the only solution in the construction. Get this sand can be the most different ways, but the most productive, cost-effective and high-tech today is hydraulic alluviation sand that is carried out by means of dredgers.

Hydraulic alluviation sand in Ukraine

The company “Dredgers Ukraine” offers its partners and customers services gidronamyvu sand from the reservoirs. We work all over the country, guided by the same principles of strict quality control, the use of high-efficiency and high-performance equipment, innovative solutions in the field of mining sand from the reservoirs and continuously improve the level of qualification of its professionals. All this has allowed us to take a leading position on the market of dredgers in Ukraine and to offer you a mutually beneficial terms of cooperation in a rich spectrum of tasks and selection decisions for them.

Extraction of sand reservoirs gidronamyva method is gradually replacing the classical approach in which the sand is extracted by means of an excavator. The simplicity and high efficiency of this method of extraction of sand for construction and other purposes due to the development of the whole thickness of raw material deposits, as well as the ability to get to the part, which is substantially lower. All the works in this case carried out with the involvement of the dredger, which makes use of the method of jetting more affordable and easy. The main working equipment in the extraction of sand becomes a pump capacity that is able to work with suspensions, the composition of which is replete with all sorts of abrasive particles. As a result, the customer receives a sand exceptionally high quality, uniform composition and, importantly, the same rounded fraction. Extraction of sand dredger by gidronamyva – is the ability to quickly get the raw materials of the highest purity and quality at relatively low cost.

The main advantages of sand extraction dredger

Generally, hydraulic alluviation sand can be considered a fairly simple procedure, which, moreover, will require minor in comparison with alternative methods, costs. Thanks to the use of the method of continuous jetting an opportunity to perform a set of works: development, transportation, storage of raw materials. At the same time, reclaimed sand from the pond sometimes produced even as a side raw materials as a result of dredging in the river, lake or reservoir. This suggests additional opportunities to reduce costs – because the sand thus obtained can always be realized.

Extraction of sand and gravel via dredger

Dredgers and set them Hydraulic equipment can be used not only for the production of building sand reservoirs. This equipment is also easy to handle with the performance of work for the extraction of sand and gravel. CBC – is another highly demanded in construction and other fields of materials activity. This material is often used in the construction of highways, casting JBK, construction of dams and other engineering structures.

Drawing on a wealth of experience in this field, having at its disposal a wide fleet of dredgers with a huge variety of equipment used, the specialists of “Dredgers Ukraine” ready to take on the work for the extraction of sand and gravel sand in every corner of the country. At the same time, we are always confident, not only in the quality of work, but also in the excellent properties of the produced material – that ensured successful symbiosis of experience, professionalism and advanced technologies used by us in practice.

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