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Ricardo Marine Diesel Engine

The Chinese company Ricardo is one of the largest independent engine developers, providing the needs of dozens of European and global manufacturers of automotive, agricultural, cargo vehicles, as well as professional-grade autonomous power supply systems and applications.

Diesel engines Ricardo, designed specifically for use as power plants at power plants, are in demand from leading global manufacturers of power generating equipment due to their high reliability and durability. The company annually invests a significant part of its profits in the development of its own engineering and design department, which allows us to constantly improve and develop production technologies, launching new engine models on the market, the technical and operating characteristics of which are the highest in their class. That is why some models of motors Ricardo are considered to be the benchmark of reliability, for many years working in the most extreme conditions without serious breakdowns and major repairs.

Currently, the Ricardo diesel engine model range includes dozens of product items in the power range from 10 kW to several hundred kW, which allows the company to easily meet the requirements of manufacturers of final equipment. Motors of the English brand are considered the most modern in the industry, and in terms of their technical equipment they are often significantly superior to those of other manufacturers. Ricardo power plants are equipped with their own electronic control systems that ensure engine protection in all key parameters, ensuring not only its long service life, but also low fuel consumption and compliance with the most stringent environmental standards currently in force. In addition, power plants built on the basis of data from power plants are characterized by high-quality power generation, high power, and the fastest possible frequency recovery during a load / shed cycle.

In general, it can be said that any modern diesel generator set, built on the basis of Ricardo engines, fully complies with the European concepts of reliability and durability, which allows the power generating equipment to work seamlessly for many years in the most demanding operating conditions and under long-term maximum load. That is why generators with engines of the English brand can be safely recommended for installation as the main or backup systems for autonomous power supply of any objects, even those demanding to the quality and reliability of external power, such as banks, airports, medical institutions, etc.

Ricardo R6105AZC 92KW  1500r/min
Ricardo R6105AZC 120KW  2000r/min
Ricardo R6110IZLC 154kw  1500r/min
Ricardo XDC450 330KW   2100r/min

Ricardo Marine Engine Parameters Table (download pdf)


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