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The company “Dredgers Ukraine” is pleased to offer customers and partners services alluvium sand hydromechanized method. This service allows you to perform a series of complex tasks in the landscaping area, filling sand weighing area, which comes through the pipeline in the form of pulp and transferred to a pre-designated distance dredgers. To carry out such work used a specialized pumping equipment and additional equipment. Having at its disposal a wealth of experience in the production of earthworks and a wide fleet of dredgers and equipment, we are ready to perform work of any complexity, regardless of the volume of tasks. A mini-dredger and a large industrial machinery to perform tasks of high complexity.

Hydraulic alluviation sand and its benefits

Hydromechanization in excavation work is erosion of soil water and its subsequent displacement and stacking in the specified location by reducing the supply flow rate. As a result, soil particles are deposited precisely where it is planned in the future to create a basis for further improvement of the territory. Do not forget that the alluvium sand can be carried out only under certain important conditions:

  • favorable state soil (sandy loam or sandy ground, prone to smearing and rapid draining);
  • a sufficient amount of water in close proximity to the proposed site of the work (the coast of natural or artificial ponds, reservoirs).

Alluvium sand with the help of modern high-performance dredgers allows you to quickly and efficiently develop the territory, and make them suitable for further use in accordance with the intended objectives. The cost of the service depends on a variety of factors and can be determined after consultation with the customer. The company “Dredgers Ukraine” is ready to perform work in any part of Ukraine with the use of a wide range of equipment. The simplicity and accessibility of the method gidronamyva sand make this service one of the most popular in recent years. The advantages of the method include the relative affordability, since when performing such operations unnecessary to rent a large fleet of special equipment for transporting, laying and compaction. In this case, the ground moves with the flow of water, and its sealing is a natural manner that does not require additional work on compaction.

Range of practical application of the method of sand reclamation

To date, sand alluvium produced for a variety of purposes:

  1. Construction of earthworks and new territories. In this case we are talking about the creation of new areas through the development of seabed material in the water and move it to the waterfront to increase the area of ​​land, coastal areas, isolated territories within the reservoirs.
  2. Ground-level rise on existing sites. In the event of the need to raise the level of the land plot, located in close proximity to the pond, sand reclamation method allows you to quickly do the job without the cost of supply and the ground installation. The final cost of the work in this case is much lower.
  3. Stabilization of wetlands and lowlands. Alluvium sand turn allows lowland area or wetland a portion with a stable ground base suitable for use with a wide range of load.
  4. Alluvium sand under further development. Hydraulic alluviation allows you to quickly and cost-effectively develop new areas for future construction on them buildings of different purposes.
  5. Extraction of sand or gravel sand of varying quality. Alluvium sand using dredgers can also easily solve the problem of the extraction of sand for a variety of purposes. This service is often in demand by enterprises specializing in the production of reinforced concrete construction, the glass industry, the manufacture of bricks and other things.
  6. Land reclamation for infrastructure. Dredgers are great for soil reclamation and creating new areas for future improvement of the infrastructure in the broadest spectrum. In this method, you can pan the beach area, the basis for the future quay or jetty, there is also the possibility of a separate pan for an artificial island in the middle of the reservoir, and much more. Here you can talk about the arrangement of embankments on the route of roads and communications networks, places of installation of poles and poles of power lines.
  7. Addressing a wide range of complex engineering problems. Hydraulic alluviation sand is equally effective to cope with a number of complex engineering tasks – from the construction of dams, ending the arrangement approaches to water bodies, industrial facilities, bridges. Suction dredge may also be employed for the production of material that is used in the regeneration of jumpers, embankments podsypok in the construction of highways, the laying of railways, viaducts and other establishment.

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