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The company “Dredgers of Ukraine” is almost ten years of successful activity in the market of hydromechanization of various works and construction of dredgers of various classes with a rich set of related equipment. Dredger services, construction, repair and maintenance of dredgers of various classes, professional advice and constant quality assurance have become the main companions in our business. Today we can be proud of a wide geography of work, an unlimited range of tasks to be solved and an exceptional approach to quality control at all stages of order execution.

The experience gained over the years of successful work in the market allows the company’s specialists to provide a solution to almost any problem when performing hydraulic works using dredgers shells of any scale and difficulty level, regardless of the features of the project and the tasks assigned.

Our partners and clients make a choice in favor of the company “Dredges of Ukraine” for a number of reasons:

– rich experience in providing dredging services throughout Ukraine;

– careful selection of reliable and efficient equipment;

– reasonable prices – due to the highest efficiency of each hour of operation of equipment at the facility;

– provision of guarantees for the work performed;

– a staff of highly qualified employees who are able to find a solution even for the most complex and non-standard tasks;

– our own fleet of suction dredgers, which are optimal for both the most modest and the most large-scale works;

– a wide range of work performed;

– subtle knowledge in the specifics of work;

– the use of dredgers of our own design, which indicates the highest competence in the selection of equipment for the production of a huge list of works.

Production and sale of dredgers – high standards and a wide range of technical solutions

Having started our professional activity with a small staff and a modest fleet of suction dredgers, we were able to develop it to its current scale. Regularly keeping our finger on the pulse of modern trends in the equipment and application of dredgers in standard and difficult conditions, without forgetting to carefully control the quality and follow the strict requirements of any standards, we have achieved recognition and earned an exceptional reputation in the market. And the experience gained over the years was accumulated and aimed at creating a whole series of dredgers of our own production.

Our equipment was developed and selected taking into account a large number of nuances and subtleties in the operation of dredgers in a wide variety of conditions. Ergonomics of working with equipment, features of soil development and excavation of bottom sediments, specific terrain, subtle risks of damage to hydromechanical equipment – every detail has been taken into account in order to offer the market an ideal solution for a whole range of tasks. In the catalog of our company you can find dredgers of our own production of various classes and performance. Today the company “Dredgers of Ukraine” offers business a wide range of ready-made solutions, as well as services for the development, design, construction and equipment of dredgers of various classes and types.

You can find out about the features of the production of dredgers and models of various classes designed by the company’s engineers in the corresponding section of the official website. An extensive photo gallery of the company’s own production facilities is also presented here.

Moreover, today, the company “Dredgers of Ukraine” is ready to offer the customer not only equipment of a large class with productivity at the level of 2000 cubic meters per hour, but also more modest options that will optimally fit into the expected operating conditions. For example, several technical solutions have recently enjoyed great popularity. So, agricultural and fish-breeding enterprises have already appreciated all the advantages and technical capabilities of DRW-81D water harvester designed for quick and effective cleaning of water bodies from reeds, algae and other unwanted vegetation. Special attention should be paid to such a universal solution as lightweight work boat– compact and maneuverable a floating platform for the installation of a rich set of additional specialized equipment.

Of course, the choice of a specific dredger for performing certain types of work requires a careful calculation of the parameters of the working environment, the scale of the work performed and the range of potential work tasks. In order to avoid annoying mistakes and achieve maximum efficiency in the use of equipment, along the way ensuring the highest rates of its payback, our specialists are always happy to provide the customer with the most detailed consultations, study the requirements put forward for the technique and other nuances, suggesting a choice of several of the most suitable options. In addition, we have carefully compiled dredger comparison table, which presents the main weight and size, technical and performance characteristics of the equipment produced by the company.

Are limited in budget, but badly need your own equipment to perform hydraulic works – you may be interested in sale of used dredgers . Most often, such a technique has already proven itself in work and does not need additional investments in order to get up and running and start performing its direct duties.

Dredger accessories and equipment

The selection of installed equipment looks no less varied: floating cranes, floating excavators, auger and mining dredgers, milling cutters and hydraulic openers, capsule and sucker-rod dredgers, harvesters for cleaning reservoirs and much more. In most cases, this diversity is achieved through the selection of an appropriate set of accessories and additional equipment for installation on boats of appropriate dimensions.

Professional tasks always require professional solutions. That is why the company “Dredgers of Ukraine” with particular responsibility approaches the selection of technical means, equipment and accessories for equipping dredgers of its own production, and also sells products that have managed to prove themselves well in practice. Marine winches of various capacities, pipes for installation slurry pipelines – any part for subsequent operation is selected taking into account full compliance with all applicable norms and standards, with mandatory requirements for reliability, efficiency and durability.

The basis of any dredger is a dredge pump of a certain power. It is this technique, by and large, that provides the technique with the ability to perform its main function: to take soil (pulp) in various conditions, moving it into the hold of a ship or to the coastline. It would be superfluous to say that the overall performance of the dredger depends on the quality, reliability and a number of design features of the dredge pump. Opportunities to ensure optimal performance of dredgers and perform hydraulic works of various levels are provided by a rich assortment of sand and dredge pumps various capacities with productivity ranging from 85 to 4000 cubic meters of soil per hour.

It is customary to pay special attention in our business to power plants, since it is they who ensure the coordinated, stable operation of all dredger units, guarantee uninterrupted power supply to the equipment when operating as part of generator sets and provide a power reserve necessary for a quick response to any changes without the risk of downtime technology.

In solving this problem, our specialists adhere to the approach of the maximum balance between price, reliability, performance and availability of components and consumables. It was with an eye to these requirements that the choice was made on marine engines and generators of the Chinese company Ricardo, whose technical solutions are used today by the largest European and world manufacturers of special equipment. Somewhat more modest performance is distinguished by diesel and gas power plants Weichai, but this line always presents a wide variety of solutions for equipping hydraulic equipment of almost any class and obtaining the highest indicators of economy in use.

Dredger services

Proving in practice the high efficiency, reliability, productivity and durability of its dredgers and the equipment installed on them, the Dredgers of Ukraine company maintains a wide fleet of equipment of its own production, providing dredging services anywhere in the country.

At the moment, we are ready to provide dredging services for performing a full range of hydraulic works of any complexity, and the most demanded services are:

dredging perhaps the most demanded service today, which allows you to quickly clear or deepen the channel of a reservoir to expand the real possibilities of its operation and, above all, increase the transport potential of river channels and coastal zones;

construction of reservoirs – another service popular both among agricultural (artificial lakes, rates, canals) and for industrial organizations (sedimentation tanks and reservoirs for energy, mining, coke-chemical, metallurgical and other enterprises);

sand reclamation on the ground to expand coastlines, increase the area of ​​coastal territories, develop territories previously unsuitable for performing other tasks (construction, arrangement of recreational areas, etc.);

alluvial islands and beaches and other territories by moving soil masses to the indicated area – this method of artificially creating new territories has recently gained more and more popularity and allows a person to effectively reclaim new spaces from the aquatic environment, which was simply inaccessible before;

sapropel mining by taking silt deposits, lifting them to the surface and transporting them to dehydration sites for the subsequent formation of a raw product or the production of valuable fertilizers;

sand extraction – it is river sand with a uniform rounded fraction and a minimum set of third-party inclusions that is today considered one of the highest quality materials in construction, significantly outperforming raw materials mined by the open pit method;

cleaning water bodies from reeds and algae – allows you to quickly improve the water area in recreational areas, and also prevents siltation of reservoirs, which is critical for a number of agricultural enterprises;

sludge removal from water bodies – a real salvation in cases where it is necessary to restore the natural balance of biological species, as well as increase productivity, for example, fish farms.

Be in line with the present, work on the future

Immortal wisdom says: “If you want to do something well, do it yourself.” And the production of dredgers became for us the door to a world of new opportunities, because previously third-party equipment did not allow us to carry out work with 100% efficiency without additional problems or costs. We can say that “Dredgers of Ukraine” is a technique created by baggers for baggers. And these are not empty words, as evidenced by the unprecedented level of trust in the company on the part of numerous clients and partners, whose geography of activity extends far beyond the borders of Ukraine.

Trying to continuously work on replenishing our own experience and gaining valuable knowledge in the field of production and operation of dredgers of various types, we always rely on the experience of our numerous partners – recognized leaders in electromechanics, electronics, mechanization, production of auxiliary means, sonar modeling, etc. Such symbiosis allows avoiding annoying mistakes when developing the next promising project and offering the market the best conditions collaboration with a record wide range of additional features.

Constant development and expansion of the technical base allowed the company to develop a number of strategies for the near future. For example, today the company “Dredgers of Ukraine” stands at the origins of one of the most ambitious transport projects in the country, aimed at development of small shipping. The mission of the project was to provide medium and large farms, construction and industrial farms with a record affordable, cheap, convenient and safe mode of transportation of goods, which has no equal in terms of economic efficiency. Working in this direction, we are always open for dialogue with potential investors, partners and everyone who is not indifferent to the fate of such an important segment for the country’s economy as the water transport infrastructure.

There are still questions about the choice of equipment, the specifics of the production of dredgers, the formation of specific projects, ordering dredging services, the availability of accompanying documentation and other things – just Contact us, and you can count on professional advice, which will allow you to get even more information on any of your areas of interest. Here you can also get detailed information about the vacancies in the company.

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