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The company “The Dredgers of Ukraine” is almost a tenyear-old successful activity at the market of different hydromechanizaton works and construction of various classes dredgers with a rich set of attendant equipment. Services of dredger, construction, repair and maintenance of various classes dredgers, professional advice and constant quality assurance have become the main features in our business. Today, we can be proud of a great variety of work, unlimited range of tasks and extraordinary approach to quality control at all stages of order implementation.

Our partners and customers choose the company “Dredgers of Ukraine” for several reasons:

– extensive experience in providing services dredgers all over Ukraine;

– careful selection of reliable and efficient equipment;

– reasonable prices thanks to high efficiency of equipment operation every hour at the unit

– granting a guarantee for work in progress;

– highly qualified staff, able to find a solution for even the most complex and unusual problems

– own park of suction dredgers, optimally suitable both for the most modest and the most ambitious work;

– wide range of work in progress;

– deep knowledge of work specifics;

– usage of own design dredgers that shows the highest competence in the selection of equipment for the realization of a huge list of works.

Having started its career with a small staff and a modest suction dredger fleet, we were able to develop it to today’s level. Being aware of current trends in the development and usage of equipment and hydraulic dredgers in standard and complex conditions, the company does not forget to monitor quality and to follow strict requirements of any regulations,as a result we have achieved recognition and gained an exceptional reputation at the market. A great experience which has been accumulated for years is aimed to create a number of own production dredgers.

Our equipment has been developed and has been chosen considering a large number of nuances and subtleties in dredgers operation in different conditions. The ergonomics of working with the equipment, peculiarities of the soil development and sediment excavation, specific areas, subtle risks of damaging hydro-mechanical equipment each detail is taken into account in order to offer an ideal solution to a wide range of tasks at the market. Various types and production dredgers of our own design are at disposal in our catalogue. A varied selection of installing equipment: floating cranes, floating dredges, dredging equipment, screw and quarrying, milling and hydraulic raising agents, capsule and stem dredgers, combines for water clearing are also available.

Immortal words of wisdom say: “If you want to do something well do it yourself.” And the production of dredgers has become the door to the world of new possibilities, because equipment of another manufacturers does not allow to work with 100 percent efficiency without additional expenses or problems.It can be said that “The Dredgers of Ukraine” is an equipment designed by baggers for baggers. And these are not empty words as a great part of customers and partners, whose activity goes far beyond Ukraine, demonstrate their high level of confidence to the company.

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