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The DRW-800 dredger and the GRAT 800/40 pump is designed for use in mining and processing plants, mining and metallurgical plants, thermal power plants, cement plants, diamond mining and gold mining enterprises, technological lines for crushing, mineral processing and similar industries.

Economic indicators:

Provided that the length of the pipeline is 200 meters and the conventional geodetic lift is not more than 5 meters, this model nominally produces 120 cubic meters per hour or 1,200 cubic meters per 10 hours of operation. The density of sand is 1.3 tons per cubic meter, the weight of extracted sand is 1560 tons.
The extraction costs of 1560 tons of sand will amount to 1,600 kW/h in 10 hours. The nominal consumption of diesel fuel for 10 hours of operation is 1,600 kW/h x 0.226 l/kWh = 361.6 liters. From this calculation, we conclude: To extract 1560 tons of sand, 361.6 liters of diesel fuel is needed. The cost of mining one ton of sand is 361.64 liters/1560 tons = 0.232 liters per ton.

General characteristics:

Water column height40m;
The Production of the dry residue (nominal)120m³/h
The Production of the dry residue (maximum)240m³/h
Power pump for pumping pulp160kW
Pulp transport length (nominal)400m
The depth of the development (minimum)0,4m
The depth of the development (maximum)10m
Diameter solids (max)120mm
Diameter pressurized slurry pipeline225/250mm
Area of useRiver


The length of the dredger13m
The width of the dredge2.4m
Overall width with pontoons5.4m
The height of the dredger4m
Weight dredger18ton
Internal supply12V
Outdoor supply12V
Onboard power supply12/24V

Installed Hardware:

Engine 200 kW (Diesel Engine Weichai/Ricardo)1pcs
Pump GRT-800/40*1pcs
Active milling cutter (increased productivity for light soil)1pcs
Auxiliary pump (ejector) 33 m/cube per hour feed at a head of 70 m1pcs
Reversible propeller 35 kW (dredger drive drive)2pcs
Hydraulic motion control1pcs
Hydraulic cylinder lifting main suction pipe2pcs
Anchor piles (length 8 meters)2pcs
Fixing of the dredger at the work site of the anchor, hydraulic winches3pcs
The drive of the main pump GRT 800/40 (hydraulic motor)1pcs
Drive of a milling cutter (hydraulic motor)1pcs
Floating slurry pipeline D-225 or 250 mm100m
Auxiliary crane-beam1pcs
Fuel tank 1000 liters1pcs
Technical water tank 500 liters1pcs
The battery (200 А/h)2pcs


Screw (loosening soil)
Water cannon for pulp

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