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Productivity250 m³ / hour
Height of water column40 m
Dry residue capacity80 m³ / hour
Pump power for pumping pulp45 kW
Power plant 60 kW
Pulp conveying length (max) 200 m
Development depth (max)6 m
Particle diameter (max) 40 mm
Pulp discharge line diameter 125 mm
Dredger length 6 m
Dredger width2.4 m
Dredger height 3 m
Dredger weight 4 t
Optional equipment:
Winches (for fixing on water)
Propeller (for travel on water)
Hydraulic boom lift
Ground crushing with a circular cutter
Ground crushing with auger cutter
Equipment for soil erosion
Pulp pipeline
Floats for floating slurry pipeline
Residential module for staff (insulated)
Conditioner for bagger cut
Air conditioner for residential module
Pulp water jet

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