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Main pontoon steel thickness8 mm
Length32 m
Breadth7.8 m
Depth2.4 m
Left pontoon LxWxH18 x 2.4 x 2.4 m
Right pontoon LxWxH18 x 2.4 x 2.4 m
Suction pipe diameter600 mm
Discharge pipe diameter600 mm
Total installed power1150 kW


Anchors Denford by DRW Ukraine 4 pcs
Winches 150 kN by DRW Ukraine4 pcs


Pump production KMS Ukraine
Maximum Dredging Depth 14 m
Mixture Flow 4000 m3/h
Maximum fluid density 1300 kg/m3
Speed 400-450 rpm
Maximum Discharge length 1500-2000 m
Maximum Size solid particles 250 mm
Suction Diameter Pipe 600 mm
Available Discharge Diameter 500 mm
Maximum concentration of solids 25%
Pump body hardness by Rockwell≧56


Main Diesel Engine Cat С32 (USA, 205 g/kW)970 kW/2100 rpm
Gearbox ZF (Germany) ratio 4,727:1
The fuel tank2×11000 liters


Voltage AC, 50 Hz220/380V
Auxiliary generator 380V, 50 Hz180 kW
Battery capacity2 pcs
Spotlight Led 220V4 pcs


Lifting power30 kN
High 3.25m


ProductionDRW Ukraine
Diameter1450 mm
Speed40 rpm
Torque42 kN


Bureau Veritas Class I, no propulsion Coastal area


Engine Cat C32, made in USA
Continuous engine power 970 kW/2100 rpm
electric start, starter and charging alternator
seawater cooling, pumps and heat exchanger installed
dry gas exhaust, spark arrestor muffler, expansion joints
local monitoring, protection and control panel – 1 set
remote monitoring and control panel – 1 piece
mounting feet, rigid installation
dual fuel and oil filters
certificate of the Maritime Register of the
Russian Maritime Register of Shipping or other
IMO certificate
service tool kit
spare parts kit
12 months warranty
design and operational documentation
Gearbox ZF, made in Germany
gear ratio 4.727: 1
vertical offset of the output shaft
oil cooler
rigid supports
flexible coupling and flywheel casing for connection to diesel
Classification Community type approval
remote control system for gearbox reverse and diesel engine speed – 1 set
Navigation lights
Two emergency water pumping pumps


Company Dredgers of Ukraine can provide a full package of spare parts,
maintenance, personnel training, consulting services for dredging,
equipment assembly, commissioning.


DRW dredgers can be via road, rail or sea containers.

* – Main pump Description Pump GRT 4000/71 

The 1GRT 4000/71 submersible pump is designed for pumping high-abrasive hydraulic mixtures with pH 6 … 12, density up to 1600 kg / m3, temperature from 278 to 333 K (from 5 ° to 60 ° C), volume concentration of solids up to 40%, microhardness up to 11000 MPa. The 1GRT 4000/71 submersible pump should be used for pumping hydraulic mixtures with a particle size of solids up to 40 mm.

The 1GRT 4000/71 soil pump is used in any industry where it is necessary to hydrotransport solids causing intense abrasive wear of the material in contact with them.

Taking into account the requirements imposed on the 1GRT 4000/71 soil pump for durability and operating conditions, the plant manufactures them with a flow-through part of superhard alloys.

1GRT 4000/71 soil pump designed for pumping highly abrasive media.

Scope soil pump 1GRT 4000/71:

· Mining and processing and mining and metallurgical enterprises;
· Thermal power plants;
· Enterprises for the production of cement;
· Diamond and gold mining enterprises;
· Technological lines of crushing, enrichment of minerals, etc.
A distinctive feature of the 1GRT 4000/71 submersible pump is the vertical connector of the outer casing.

Impellers soil pump 1GRT 4000/71 are made with a large number of powerful chisel blades on both disks. The impeller blades are arranged in such a way that they protect the discs from intense wear, as they work similarly to the wheel of a vortex pump. In addition, they prevent the abrasive particles from entering the sinuses between the wheel and the housing of a 1GRT 4000/71 soil pump, ensuring a constant minimum pressure drop in the front seal of a 1GRT 4000/71 soil pump. For efficient operation of the fender blades, the 1GRT 4000/71 submersible pump provides the ability to adjust the gap between the end surface of the fender blades and the front armored disc (without disassembling the pump) using special adjusting studs placed on the glass of the rear bearing block. Wash water is supplied to the space between the wheel and the casing, which carries the soil 1GRT 4000/71 pump out of the sinus between the wheel and the casing.

The 1GRT 4000/71 submersible pump has an internal case made of wear-resistant ICHH28N2 alloy. The 1GRT 4000/71 submersible pump design makes it possible to relatively easily and quickly replace the inner housing, which is subject to wear, consisting of a cochlea and a protective disc.

The impeller is located between the inner casing (rear side) and the protective disk (front side).

The transmission of torque from the electric motor to the 1GRT 4000/71 submersible pump is carried out through an elastic sleeve-and-finger coupling.

Main technical characteristics, 1GRT 4000/71 soil pump:

• Productivity – 4000 cubic meters / hour;
• Head – 71 meters;
• Allowable cavitation margin – 4.8 m;
• Impeller diameter – 1390 mm;
• The mass of the pump – 15350 kg;
Company  KMS LLC, Ukraine

Characteristics of the pump GRT-4000/71 n=485 rpm

The dimensions of the pump with electric engine 1GRT-4000/71

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