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Economic indicators:

Provided that the pipe length is 200 m, and the usual geodetic rise is not more than 5 m, this model produces a nominally 40 cubic meters per hour and 400 cubic meters per 10 hours. Sand’s density is 1.3 tonnes per cubic meter, the weight of the extracted sand is 520 tons.
extracting Cost 520 tons of sand will be 600 kWh for 10 hours. Nominal diesel fuel consumption for 10 hours is 600 kW x 0.226 l / kW = 135.6 liters. From this calculation, we conclude that to extract 520 tons of sand necessary to 136.6 liters of diesel fuel. production cost of one ton of sand is 136.6 liters / 520 tons = 0.26 liters per tonne.

General characteristics:

General characteristics:
Performance400 m³ / h
The height of the water column20 m
Performance dry residue (nominal)60 m³ / h
Performance dry residue (max)100 m³ / h
Power pump for pumping slurry (nominally)60 kWh
Power plant, diesel engine Ricardo110 kWh
Length of pipeline (maximum)400 m
The depth of development (at least)0,4 m
The depth of the development (maximum)8 m
Diameter of the solid particles (max)70 mm
The diameter of pipeline200 mm


The length of the pontoon dredger10 m
Total length13,5 m
The width of the dredge2.4 m
Overall width with pontoons4. m
The height of the dredger3,2 m
Weight dredger9 tonnes
On-board power supply12/24 Volts

Installed equipment:

The engine Ricardo Marine Engine 110 kW (specific FLOW 210-230 g / kW hr)1 pc
Pump GrT 400/201 pc
The auxiliary pump (ejector) 90 m / h cubic1 pc
Hydraulic cylinder main suction lift2 pcs
Hydraulic winch3 pcs
Fuel tank 500 l1 pc
Hydraulic fluid tank 50 l1 pc
Batteries (100 A / h)2 pcs

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