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This model is discontinued.

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General characteristics:

The height of the water column63m
Performance dry residue (nominal)300m³/h
Performance dry residue (max)600m³/h
Power pump for pumping slurry (nominally)500kW
motor 6000V800kW
Length of pipeline (maximum)1200m
The depth of development (at least)0,7m
The depth of the development (maximum)15 m
Diameter of the solid particles (max)160m
Nominal diameter of pipeline400mm
The cutter diameter1250mm
Scope of useRiver,lake,quarry
The length of the dredger18m
The width of the dredge3,6m
The height of the dredger4m
weight dredger38t
internal power supply220-380

Installed equipment:

Engine 800 kW1pcs
Pumps Grau 2000/631pcs
The auxiliary pump 90 m / cu in an hour the height of 70 m1pcs
A hydraulic cylinder lifting apparatus dredge2pcs
Cvai for fixing the dredger2pcs
Drive cutterhead (hydraulic motor)1pcs
Hydraulic Power Packs 40 kW.1pcs
Softstarter 6000V. 800kW.1pcs
Step-down transformer 60 kW1pcs
Crane girder 5000 kg.1pcs
Projectors (led)8pcs
Surveillance camera 41pcs
DVR video archiving system1pcs
remote monitoring of the operation of the system over the Internet1pcs
depth finder1pcs
smoke detection system in fur compartment1pcs
Fire extinguishers4pcs
Conditioner for bagerskoy1pcs
Repair shop1pcs
A set of tools to service the dredger1pcs
Signal sidelights5pcs
Emergency water pumping system1pcs
Control of the pulp suspension1pcs
Kit communication devices (radios)1pcs
Sacrificial protection dredger12pcs
Audible alarm (relative humidity, smoke, fire)1pcs
emergency stop button1pcs

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