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Economic indicators:

Provided that the length of the pipeline is 200 meters, and the usual geodetic elevator does not exceed 5 meters, this model nominally produces 240 cubic meters per hour or 2,400 cubic meters per 10 hours of operation.The density of sand is 1.3 tons per cubic meter, weight The extracted sand is 3120 tons.
The cost of extracting 3120 tons of sand will be 2000 kWh in 10 hours. The nominal consumption of diesel fuel for 10 hours of operation is 4000 kW x 0.200 l/kW = 2000 liters. From this calculation we conclude: To extract 3120 tons of sand, 452 liters of diesel fuel is needed. The cost of producing one ton of sand is 452 liters/3120 tons = 0.145 liters per ton.
This model is able to transmit pulp at a distance of 500 meters without loss of productivity.

General characteristics:

Productivity1600 m³/h
The height of the water column50 m
Productivity dry residue (nominal)240 m³/h
Productivity dry residue (max)480 m³/h
Power pump for pumping pulp400 kW
Power point500 kW
Length of pipeline (nominal)500 m
The depth of the development (maximum)0,4 m
The depth of the development (maximum)12 m
Diameter of the solid particles (max)250 mm
The diameter of pipeline500 mm


The length of the dredger15 m
The width of the dredge2.4 m
Overall width with pontoons5.4 m
The height of the dredger4 m
Weight dredger25 ton
Internal supply12 V
Outdoor supply12 V
On-board power supply12/24 V

Installed equipment:

Engine 500 kW (diesel fuel specific consumption 200 g/kWh)1 pcs
Pump GRT-1600/50 *1 pcs
Active cutter (higher efficiency for light soil)1 pcs
The auxiliary pump (ejector) 33 m/cubic feed per hour at a head of 70 m1 pcs
Reversible propeller 35 kW (motor drive dredger)2 pcs
Hydraulic motion control1 pcs
Hydraulic lifting cylinder main suction pipe2 pcs
Anchor piles (length 14 meters)2 pcs
Fixing the dredger in the workplace anchor hydraulic winch3 pcs
Anchor3 pcs
A cable for attachment dredger 12 mm500 m
Driving the main pump GRT 1600/50 (hydraulic motor)1 pcs
cutter actuator (hydraulic motor)1 pcs
Floating/Shore slurry pipeline D-350 mm50/50 m
Auxiliary crane1 pcs
Fuel tank 2000 l3 pcs
The batteries (200 A/h)4 pcs

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