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Artificial ponds today can hardly be regarded as something does not meet modern reality. These hydraulic works are settling in very different purposes. In agriculture, they are the reservoirs, irrigation reservoirs and places of breeding populations of fish and other aquatic fauna. In engineering serve as aeration beds, large storage tanks for water supply in fire-prevention and other purposes. In general, in places where access to natural water bodies is missing or significantly impeded the construction of reservoirs by means of specialized equipment becomes quite reasonable solution. Finally, the construction of reservoirs – is not only designing and digging of pits for future flooding, but also work on the natural reservoirs – extension and deepening of the lake, the adjustment of river beds and much more.

It is important to understand that the construction of the reservoir of all shapes and sizes – from the lake with recreational and bathing, to the usual decorative pond in the park – this is an extremely difficult job, trust that can only be highly qualified professionals who are experts in their field and work with using high-quality equipment.

Construction of reservoirs in Ukraine

“Dredgers Ukraine” company’s specialists have extensive experience in the field of hydraulic engineering. Today, we offer our customers and partners with a wide range of services for the construction of reservoirs, development of bottom soil, dredging, dumping shoreline ponds and more. Pond rare species of fish, rates for fishing, ornamental pond, an increase in the riverbed, water area with a seating area for swimming and walks on catamarans – our specialists by virtue of the tasks of any complexity and specificity.

With years of experience in the Ukrainian market performance of hydraulic work, we have developed our own fleet of dredgers and related equipment enabling a high level of professionalism to perform the most difficult and pretentious order. Presence of own industrial base and the whole staff of experienced professionals enables us to perform work in any part of the country as quickly as possible while maintaining the exceptional quality of the final work.

Dredger work on natural bodies of water

A separate item in the list offered by our company, performed with the help of modern high-performance dredgers, order processing costs on the formation and adjustment of riverbeds and water bodies of natural water bodies. The expansion of the coastal perimeter of a natural lake, dredging of the river bed, coastal protection, cleaning the bottom of the various kinds of deposits – all of these works will be completed by our specialists with the most accurate selection of the necessary equipment to save time and money of the customer.

By and large, gathered to arrange a pond, lake, reservoir or bets on the ground with all the features, you can not limit yourself to the imagination, but we will do everything to ensure that, in practice, to implement even the most daring and seemingly impossible idea.

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