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In conditions typical for Ukraine riparian landscape it becomes apparent that the improvement of beaches, recreation, sand, and other areas, in most cases it is possible only by artificial means. And if in the old days in our country flooded, wetlands and low-lying areas were created to organize the whole territory of suburban cooperatives, residential or industrial construction and other purposes by means of costly and planned the transport of soil or sand quarry trucks. Today to solve most of these problems there is a simple, affordable and cost-efficient approach. We’re talking about an alluvium beaches, islands and embankments with a powerful Hydraulic equipment and dredgers. The company “Dredgers Ukraine” carries out a wide range of works by alluvium beaches, waterfronts and islands throughout the country with the use of highly efficient equipment and earthmoving equipment of various classes. Over many years of successful work in the market, we have got a wide fleet of equipment to offer customers the following services:

  • gidronamyvu ground for the development of new coastal areas for different purposes;
  • alluvium islands of all sizes in the waters of any species of origin;
  • alluvium embankments the soil and foundation under the arrangement of the coastal area;
  • alluvium beaches using sand jetting and its delivery to the designated area;
  • extraction of sand and soil from the bottom of water bodies;
  • the construction of reservoirs, expansion of waters, dredging, and more.

Alluvium beaches and waterfronts

Construction of the beach area can be considered quite a specific kind of work that requires experience and knowledge in the field of hydraulic engineering. Here it is necessary to take into account the properties available in the working area of ​​soil, the characteristics of the territory, the size allocated for filling the site, the presence of vegetation and its features and other details. When embankments alluvium beaches and it is also important to accurately determine future dumping height, to determine the selection of the quality and the fraction of sand, sand-gravel mix or soil.

Alluvium beach sand by extracting from the bottom of the reservoir by jetting using a special pipe – the most simple, accessible and cost-effective method for development areas for improvement embankments and bathing areas. In comparison with the supplying of quarry sand, the raw material is extracted from the reservoir completely free, so there is no need to pay for each cubic meters of material. The unique properties of river sand makes the beach a natural slope of the future, and the composition of the material is of high purity and the absence of external impurities. Finally, in contrast to the transport of, alluvial sand allows you to create not only a flat and stable foundation for the beach area, but also form a nice sandy area for guests on the slope of the shore of the pond.

The same method is suitable for reclamation embankments and foundations under their arrangement, the approaches to the bridges and piers, all sorts of hydraulic structures and engineering networks.

Alluvium islands dredgers

The current legislation requires the presence of the possibility of creating in the reservoirs of various kinds of hydraulic structures. Finally, if we are talking about an artificial reservoir, the organization, on the balance of which is a lake, a reservoir, or water rates of any other format has the right to dispose of its resources to organize in its waters the design of any type. In this sense, it becomes a very common service gidronamyva artificial islands. The objectives pursued in carrying out this type of work can be very different – from the installation of the bridge supports and laying of utilities, to the organization of decorative isolated islands and recreation areas.

First to carry out work of this complexity often had to give up due to the high cost, technical imperfection of the methods used, and for other reasons. Fortunately, modern dredgers with high-performance equipment to easily deliver us from these problems. Today, to create a small island in the middle of the lake or in the river – quite a feasible task. The main thing – to entrust it to professionals. The dredger with modern industrial equipment eliminates the need to pay for the supply of soil, saves time for performing all kinds of tasks associated with the ability to work in close proximity to the creation of the island, guarantees the purity and high quality namyvaet soil. On all sides, the method of reclamation of the island today can be considered a record of effective and sound from any of the possible points of view.

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